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How to improve the service life of flatulence axis

Addtime2013/3/15SourceRuian Feiyu Machine Factory Hits7439

Many customers are very concerned about how to improve the service life of flatulence axis problem, life here is speaking about flatulence axis: due to the use of life long balloon itself, makes the flatulence axis itself damage rate reduced, this also reduces the shutdown of the entire production process unit itself, resulting in reduced customer bad products. Save the customer's production cost.
Inflatable shaft raising the service life, to a certain extent, but also greatly reduces the production cost management customer repair maintenance cost.
Because flatulence axis uses the special processing out of the tube, stable performance material makes flatulence axis (inflatable sleeve) in use to overcome the deformation, bending and other common defects, can guarantee the stable operation condition in high-speed production line. Work stable and reliable performance, brought to achieve high-end products of reality to the customer.
Use convenient: compared with ordinary quality structural steel, Feiyu flatulence axis light dead weight, thereby reducing the production operator labor intensity and inconvenient to operate. The width of 1350mm as the benchmark, flatulence axis usually use (pneumatic shaft) its weight is about 24kg, and the products for 14kg. Http://

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