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Aluminum guide roller structure and characteristics

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Aluminum guide rollers or aluminum alloy guide roll, is through the use of aluminum alloy material quality (6063-T5), the mold into a tube type (from outside diameter 30mm ~ 220mm) of various specifications, a reinforcing rib structure, high strength. And the use of sophisticated equipment and special tools for surface finishing, make the surface smooth, coaxial degree reaches 0.02mm, the shaft through a computer balance correction within 2G, special process of shaft end and with the imported bearings, under high-speed operation, ease of operation. According to the different needs of industry, its surface can also be special treatment: blasting, reticulate, Teflon and special hardening treatment HV700, which has good scratch resistance, wear resistance.
Feiyu aluminum guide rollers with high strength, small resistance, light weight, flexible rotation, no rust, wear and corrosion resistance, especially suitable for printing, packaging, plastic, electronic battery and other precision machinery industry and various material processing industry.

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